HumanX invites You to Xplore

Curated in a thoughtful process by Travel Psychologist at Mandeha, HumanX is World’s first and only travel psychology based event for modern day enthusiasts.

15 Human x 1 Space x 8 Days x 1 Host

We often think about this concept of travel psychology “HumanX” through an initiative or some other outcome we get to be truly happy. But that’s not how it works. Our “X” actually comes gradually, day by day, at a glacial pace so that we never actually notice it. Until one day, we wake up, and things don’t suck anymore.

At first, having all of our thoughts consumed by HumanX was exciting and energizing. Then, somewhere along the way, it began to consume us entirely. It went from helping us jump out of bed in the morning to keeping us up all night.  

We start getting happy again when we embrace and focus on the “X-factor” life once more. When we can go to our friends wedding and just focus on how adorable they look. When we can say “no” to things, leave our laptop and phone off for 24 hours and not go into anaphylactic shock. 

There’s so much to be said for enjoying our craft and being proud of our work. But it’s something else when it’s all we have. It’s often hard to be happy when all of our identity is wrapped up in any one thing.

At the point we can begin looking past our work-life and focusing on the rest of our lives in a meaningful way (like we used to), the happiness-X begins on this journey on HumanX.

What’s interesting about X of this? It is all 100% in our control — today.

Register now and X-plore your possibilities.

We know what you’re thinking (and even more what you’re feeling)
You’re a Human. And being a Human is not for the faint of heart.

You give everything to your X. You get little to no emotional support from friends and family. It’s not that they don’t care.
They don’t know you’re up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to solve a dozen problems. They don’t know what it’s like to be the life and blood of a X-factor. They don’t know how lonely you feel in a room full of peers with “regular jobs.”

We know exactly what it’s like. That’s why we launched the HumanX movement.

It’s a place where you can finally lay it all out, and everyone will understand. Connect with other Humans through shared challenges, and help each other through it all. HumanX are already supporting Humans at all stages, worldwide: From a business owner in Himalaya, to an exploration stage student traveler in Mumbai City. You’ll find “your X” here.

Get the support you need professionally and emotionally through a travel journey.
Let us help you find a HumanX that is perfect for you.

Join us Human and X-perience your quality of life.