Your Psychology of Travel for Setting up your Travel Tangible Tool (TTT)

Navigating to The Travel Tangible Tool for personal insights

Step 1 : Log on to 

Step 2: Head on to services on the top of the website, and select “Travel Tool”

Step 3: On the Travel Trangible Tool Page, click register now

Step 4: At the registration page, either create a new Account or Sign up with your existing google ID .

Step 5: Upon reaching the Dashboard, click on the “Travel Tangible Tool” option on the left side of the screen

Step 6: Choose which Travel Tangle Tool Plan you would like to opt for.

Note: You can try the Trial Version of the Travel Tangible Tool to understand your Travel style.

Using the Travel Tangible Tool

Once you have purchased your respective variant of the Travel Tangible Tool, follow the steps given below 

Step 1: Once you have access to the Travel Tangible Tool, you’ll be greeted with questions related to yourself, as well as your travel journeys. Fill the options for all the questions one by one. (This is part of the Pre Journey section)

Step 2: You will be greeted with different sections for travel journeys. Ensure that every question is answered in its corresponding format. 

Step 3: Once you have completed your travel journey, begin filling your post journey section.

Step 4: Once you have responded to all the questions, you will be presented with your Personal Travel Insight Report. This captures all your Personal Travel Insights over a broad range of parameters which will help shape your Life. 

For any queries, please book an appointment on the platform, and we’ll get right back to you. 

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